Local Charitable Organizations


The Roast of Tim Bishop for a cause- Mayor of Davison

Thank you everyone!

Geneseeconnects would like to thank all the local businesses that participated with this awesome event for an awesome cause. We encourage everyone to stop into these business during the holiday's. Support local. It's alway a wonderful thing when the entire community comes together to help in their own community. Supporting local keeps communities moving forward. All it takes is a little group effort. Thanks again too all that could be a part of this great cause helping Outreach East Davison during the holidays. If any one could not be a part of this at the time, or will not be able to make it to the event. Please feel free to drop toiletries, and or boards games off at the City of Hall in Davison. Board games are a great way for families to create quality time together.

Tickets for the Roast

Geneseeconnects and Sinclair Entertainment present the Roast of Tim Bishop hosted at the Agitated Grape Downtown Davison.

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