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Russell Wayne


By daytime, Russell Wayne Mettler is a local financial advisor and tight-knit family man. He runs his own financial service company, A&R Financial, with his wife Ashten. He’s always trying his best to look out for the little guy, as he enjoys helping small business owners with their financial troubles. He’s never thought of himself as the cool dad but spending time with his family is one of the most important things to him. “I’d rather do things than have things,” citing how he enjoys taking his family on trips and fun activities, whether is be a big vacation or a small day trip.

When the night time rolls around, Russell Wayne Mettler drops the last name and performs as local Rockstar, Russell Wayne. Russell began performing in his high school choir and theatre programs and hasn’t stopped since. Originally hailing from Ashland, Ohio, Russel moved to Michigan to look for work; after not having much success in the Bloomfield Hills area. He landed in Genesee County, and formed the band Crop Circle in 1996 and performed with them for more than a decade until 2011. He now plays solo shows in Genesee County and all over Michigan including the famous local venue, The Machine Shop. 

Often times, Russell takes inspiration for his music from his peers around him. “True definition of working blue collard musicians.” Russell praises people like his friends: Ovaciir, a keyboard player, and Grove “GT” Tigue, a bass player, for not just being well rounded musicians, but well-rounded people as well. “I’m inspired by their work ethic, the way they deal with people and fans, and their love of music.” Russell can be inspired by his friends just as much as his friends can be inspired by him. Once having a friend give him $5000 for him to record music in Salt Lake City with Matt Winegar of Capitol Records.

Russell has always been able to dedicate his life to more than one following. He is an avid church goer and tries to contribute to his community. He blurs the lines of his love of music and community by playing in the worship band at the New Testament Church, as well as other charity performances such as the Whaley Children’s Jam and donating to Toys for Tots. Often times he’ll experience run-ins with members of his church who don’t always agree with the music he makes or listens to, but he’s never let that derail him from his passions. When it comes to Russell Wayne (Mettler), he’s not afraid to put his effort into multiple things, whether it be family, work, music, or his community, his admiration for all four has made him a well rounded person. 

Jaz Edwards


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